Best Gold Affiliate Programs

You have probably arrived on this page looking for the Best Gold Affiliate Programs. I'd like first to explain what a Gold or Precious Metals Affiliate Program is and why you might want to promote Gold and other precious metals on your website.


What are the Best Gold Affiliate Programs?

The best Gold affiliate programs are schemes operated by companies that sell precious metals such as Gold, Silver, Platinum, or Palladium in the form of Gold and silver coins or Gold and silver bullion.

These gold dealers or Gold brokers look for affiliates to promote their Gold affiliate programs and their company's products. There are many different types of affiliates, but this article will focus on websites or marketing Gold affiliates.

In return for promoting their company by putting an affiliate referral link on your website or social media, the Gold companies will offer affiliate payouts for each lead or sale you generate that qualifies under their rules.  Some pay a fee per click you generate, although we have found that some companies' cost-per-click model does not generate the revenue levels that cost per lead or closed sale does.

By promoting Gold and gaining a qualified lead to purchase a Gold IRAwhere, they buy Gold or Gold coins that qualify under the GOLD IRA IRS regulation. You will then have this customer in your referred customers' affiliate program for life. If the customer purchases any more precious metals during their lifetime, you will also get paid by the affiliate scheme.

How Much Affiliate Commission Can You Earn Per Year From Precious Metals

The top tier of precious metals affiliates earns upwards of $2m a year from the Gold and silver affiliate programs they have joined. These are experienced affiliate marketers with powerful websites attracting organic traffic from search engines.  Many run additional traffic to their sites via PPC advertising, banner advertising, or Video.

There are hundreds of Gold affiliates earning more than $200k per year.

Why Are Gold Affiliate Programs So Lucrative?

Promoting Gold and Other Precious metals is lucrative because many people look to invest in Gold and silver every year. One of the key markets is people switching money from their pension plans into IRA-qualifying precious metals.

An example of such a rollover we saw recently was Mr x, who moved $500k from his 401k plan to a Gold IRA. Mr x got an additional $10k in free silver from the company he switched to. We got $200 for the lead and 10% of the amount he switched. That's a total of $50,200 for a single click.

You can easily see how you can make $200k+ a year. Don't get me wrong; this is a challenging and competitive affiliate market. Not every click leaves details, not every person that leaves details qualifies and not every person that qualifies ends up doing a transfer or buying Gold or silver.


5 Best Gold Affiliate Programs

1. Goldco's Affiliate Program

·         Fee Per Qualified Lead: Starting at $165, rising to $200 per qualified lead

·         Commission: 8% per sale, rising to 10% after a qualifying amount of deals

·         Cookie Duration: 30 Days

 Goldco is one of the leading affiliate programs in the precious metals industry. They have good support, a wide range of highly innovative marketing tools,s and highly creative marketing materials that you can use on your website, in videos, social media and email campaigns. Their landing pages load rapidly and convert well. Unlike companies like Regal Assets which we believe has now gone out of business, Goldco has many years of service behind them.

Goldco company specialize if physical Gold and Gold ira accounts

They utilize the reporting backend based on the Everflow backend and have all the data. It would help if you fine-tuned any campaigns you wish to operate.

As one of our best affiliate programs, Goldco offers Gold and silver coins as well as Gold and silver bullion

They also have a decent compliance team, which some affiliates may not like, but we have found that their guidance helps ensure you avoid falling foul of FTC regulations and getting into trouble or fined. Fines in this industry can be high.

Goldco is a BBB-accredited business (Better business bureau) which adds to its credibility in the precious metals industry.

2. Augusta Precious Metals Affiliate Program

·        Fee Per Qualified Lead Fee: $165-$200 per qualifying lead

·         Commission: 8% to 10% per qualifying closed sale

·        Augusta Precious Metals Cookie Duration: 90 Days


Augusta Precious Metals' affiliate offering is equal to Goldco. However, in our experience, Augusta Precious Metals banners convert slightly better, although this varies over time and can be spasmatic. We regularly split-test these two affiliate programs as our number one and two affiliate schemes.

Within Augusta Precious Metals Gold affiliate programs, you are paid on premium Gold and silver bullion and qualifying Gold and silver coins. Other precious metals not classed as premium might get you the lead fee but not the sales commission. When a customer opts to buy non-premium precious metals, you could lose out on large commissions. The only affiliate website that pays out on all precious metals is our number three choice, the American Hartford Gold Affiliate program.

Augusta Precious Metals have a great affiliate team and equally good supporting marketing collateral. We have put them in at number two as we feel their Affiliate dashboard needs to include some of the finesse that other companies in the industry have.

In our testing, we have never been able to fault the customer service level provided by Augusta Precious Metals to the people you will be promoting their offers to. So if you want to be an ethical affiliate marketer like us, this is something you should consider.


3. American Hartford Gold's Gold Affiliate Program

·       Fee Per Qualified Lead: AHG do not pay a lead fee

·         Commission: 3% to 6% per qualifying closed sale

·         Cookie Duration: 30 Days


American Hartford Gold probably wins when it comes to brand recognition. They convert really well, probably better than our top two companies.  On the upside, they do pay on all deals, whereas Goldco and Augusta only pay the commission if the client purchases “Premium Metals Bars or Coins”. On the downside, they do not pay a lead fee; starting commissions are 3% compared to 8% with Goldco and Augusta.

AHG are renowned for its honesty and trustworthiness, which is why we love to promote them. They have a decent Gold affiliate dashboard reporting system.

You have to be a little more creative as precious metals affiliate when promoting AHG, as they only have a handful of affiliate banners.


4. Birch Gold Group Gold Affiliate Program

·         Fee Per Qualified Lead: No qualifying lead fee is paid

·         Birch Gold Group Commission: 2% to 5% per successful referral

·        Birch Gold Group Cookie Duration: Lifetime


Birch Gold Group is another solid Gold dealer, and its lifetime cookie is a significant advantage over some other precious metal affiliate programs.

Birch Gold Group use the same affiliate dashboard as American Hartford Gold, and we have rated them as our number 4 choice

5. Noble Gold's Gold Affiliate Program

·        Fee Per Qualified Lead: $5 per lead

·         Commission: 3% per successful referral

·         Cookie Duration: 90 Days

Noble Gold Investments offers an affiliate program that rewards its affiliates with a commission for referring new customers to their websites. The affiliate cookie duration is set to last 90 days, meaning that affiliates can earn ca omission from any sales that occur within this period. This generous cookie duration gives affiliates plenty of time to promote Noble Gold's products and services and encourages customers to make purchases. F

Noble Gold's affiliate program has a smaller range of marketing materials and tools than our top two recommended affiliate programs. Again, when marketing precious metals, you need to be a little more creative.

Still among our top 5 precious metals affiliate programs, Noble Gold's affiliate payments get delivered to your bank account on the 15th of every month like clockwork, so affiliates will know when to expect their commissions. With such a generous cookie duration, Noble Gold's affiliate program is an attractive option for online marketers looking to earn extra money.

At the time of writing this article, Noble Gold has yet to implement an afaffiliatelatform, although we are told this is imminent. This makes tracking and fine-tuning campaigns more difficult.

 As experienced Gold, Silver, Platinum and Palladium affiliate marketers, we have joined all of these Gold affiliate programs and many more companies' Gold affiliate programs

We have already eliminated the Gold affiliate programs that pay less affiliate commission, don't convert or do not payout your Gold affiliate commissions.

We are happy to mentor anyone who signs up for any gol affiliate program through the links we provided on this page. This mentoring will fast-track you to rapid earnings and help you ensure you don't waste time and money like we did when we first started. This is not entirely altruistic as you will be part of our tier 2 network, and we will make a small amount of money from each sale you make. That does not mean you will earn any less your fees and percentages are yours.  It means the more we help you make money, the more we make it. Your success is our success!

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Frequently Asked Question About Gold Affiliate Marketing

As part of writing this article, we have looked at over 120 precious metals companies to see if they could be part of our best Gold affiliate program list or even our best silver affiliate lists. These include

  • American Bullion's Affiliate
  • Regal Assets
  • Texas Precious Metals
  • Acre Gold Affiliate Program work
  • Advantage Gold Affiliate Program based on their affiliate link.
  • AUSecure
  • Blandchard Gold
  • Boston Bullion
  • Bullion By Post
  • BullionMax
  • BullionVaults
  • CBMint
  • Chards Coin and Bullion
  • Colorado Gold
  • Cornerstone Asset Metals
  • Enterprise Bullion
  • Fisher Precious Metals
  • Fortress Gold Group
  • Gem State Gold and Silver
  • Gold Avenue
  • Gold IRA Companies
  • Golddealer
  • Goldline
  • Goldmoney
  • GoldSilver
  • GSB Gold Standard Group

We first consider how ethical and supportive the company is; we then look at how pushy the direct sales team is. We always want to recommend Gold and silver firms that are not too pushy and genuinely have their customers' interests at heart. We look to see if the companies are accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and the Business Consumer Alliance (BCA). We then look at the range and price competitiveness of critical products like silver bullion coins and bars if they offer a full range of Gold and silver, as many of our readers buy Gold and silver bullion. After we are satisfied that the end customer will be getting a great deal, we look at what we want as an affiliate marketer. Here we look at things like cookie durations and affiliate link possibilities there are. We only promote Gold affiliate programs that are good for the customer and have excellent support marketing materials. We also want to know if, for example, we sent noble Gold investments a qualified lead that they would follow up promptly.