Boston Bullion Review is one of the top investment companies that specializes in precious metals, such as gold and silver coin. It provides investors with the opportunity to purchase these materials directly from the source at competitive prices. The company also offers advice for those who are new to investing in metals or want to learn more about them. With customer reviews, you can trust Boston Bullion Review to provide you with high-quality products and services. Additionally, the company has earned excellent BBB business profiles, ensuring its reliability and credibility.

In this article, we'll discuss what makes Boston Bullion Review unique and how it can help you invest wisely in precious metals. With our website, you can find customer reviews on various coins, including the popular Bear Lake Gold.

Boston Bullion, one of the most trusted precious metals dealers since 2009, offers an extensive selection of products including coins, bars, rounds, wafers, nuggets and other items. They also provide services for precious metals IRA and offer bear lake gold for purchase with cash.

Their website offers low prices and their small company is known for competitive pricing. Their customer service team is friendly and knowledgeable so any questions or concerns you may have about pricing are sure to be answered quickly and accurately. With their secure online ordering system, you can buy your desired product without having to worry about security issues.

Plus they offer free shipping on orders over $99!

Who Is Boston Bullion

Boston Bullion (BBB) is a company that was founded in 2006 by its owner Kenneth Murphy. It started as a personal interest for him in Gold and Silver investing. As he continued to learn about the history of precious metals and their importance to the U.S. monetary system, his enthusiasm for these investments grew. Today, BBB has business profiles on various platforms and a website where customers can learn more about their services.

Boston Bullion, a company that offers investment-grade bullion, is gaining popularity among Americans looking to invest in precious metals IRA. This safe asset class has been popular around the world and now with the addition of bear lake gold, investors can buy bullion in various forms such as bars or oz.

The goal at Boston Bullion company is simple: make buying gold and silver convenient, secure, and easy while providing customers with low prices and great selection. The business wants everyone who visits them to feel comfortable knowing they will get the best products available at unbeatable rates every day without fail. Whether you're looking for precious metals IRA options or simply want to purchase a bar or oz of gold or silver, Boston Bullion has got you covered.

When Were They Founded And By Who

Kenneth Murphy founded Boston Bullion in 2006. He was driven by his own personal financial interest in Gold and Silver, leading him to create the business. It quickly grew into a well-known company that provides precious metal resources such as oz and bar to customers around the world.

Boston Bullion is a reputable company that has been providing quality service for over 14 years now. Their core values revolve around customer satisfaction and integrity, making them stand out in the industry. They have also earned an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau due to their commitment to excellence in customer service and management practices. Whether you're looking to purchase a single oz or a bar of precious metal, Boston Bullion is the company to trust.

The company team at Boston Bullion is composed of experienced professionals with expertise in various aspects of gold and silver investments including storage, trading, hedging, market research and analysis. They take pride in providing personalized support to every client so they can make informed decisions about their investments. Whether you're looking to purchase an oz of gold or a bar of silver, their team is here to help.

As a company based in the Boston area, us at Oz strive to provide comprehensive services that meet all of our clients' needs without compromising on quality or safety.

Who Are The Key Board Members

The Boston Bullion Review company was founded in 1999. It was established by a group of experienced traders, investors and financial advisors in the US. The review focuses on the latest updates on gold and silver prices per oz and bar.

As it is not publicly available, information on the company's key board members is hard to come by. However, some reports suggest that they frequent the bar scene in the Boston area and are comprised of industry experts with extensive knowledge in finance and investments. Rumor has it that one of the board members goes by the nickname “Oz”.

Moreover, as a reputable company in the Boston area, they have been reported to be active participants in many important discussions related to the bullion market. These board members play an integral role in making sure that new customers get reliable advice when investing their money into gold or other precious metals, whether it be by the oz or bar.

They also work closely with existing clients to keep them up-to-date on current trends within the bullion market and help them make informed decisions about their investment strategies. As a company, we offer a wide range of bullion products including bars in various sizes from 1 oz to 100 oz, all priced in US dollars.

What Products And Services Do They Sell

Boston Bullion is a company that offers a variety of products and services. They sell gold, silver, platinum, and palladium in the form of coins, bars, or rounds. The bullion they carry is from reputable mints such as the American Eagle series and Canadian Maple Leafs. You can buy from us in oz.

Boston Bullion company also provides secure storage facilities for precious metals bars and coins ranging from 1 oz to 100 oz, located throughout Massachusetts and New Hampshire.

The company also purchases gold and silver jewelry along with other forms of bullion like bars in oz sizes. This includes scrap gold or silver items like broken chains and rings that are melted down to their raw material content. The company operates in the US.

Lastly, Boston Bullion is a trusted company with an online store where customers can buy physical bullion in various oz sizes securely without leaving the comfort of their home.

Boston Bullion's company staff is ready to help answer any questions about buying or selling precious metals by the oz, so customers can make informed decisions when investing in these valuable commodities.

Will They Help You Set Up A Gold Ira

The company's products and services that gold IRA providers offer are vast. From helping you select the right type of metals to opening an account, they have your back every step of the way. They even provide guidance on what type of bullion is eligible for deposit in a retirement account, as well as the maximum oz of gold allowed by the US government.

Now comes the exciting part – setting up a Gold IRA! Your company provider will take you through all the steps needed to open an account. It's easy with help from their experts who can assist with transfers, rollovers, annual contributions, or secure bank wires. Plus, you can invest in gold bullion coins and bars measured in ounces (oz) to diversify your portfolio.

Once the company's set-up is complete, it’s time to start investing in precious metals like gold, silver, platinum and palladium.

All these metals must meet certain fineness requirements before being deposited into your IRA account, so make sure you read up on the company that provides them first!

With some research and advice from your provider you’ll be ready to invest safely and securely in no time at all.

Do They Sell Ira-Eligible Precious Metals

Boston Bullion Review offers IRA-eligible precious metals, such as gold and silver. This means that customers can use their Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs) to buy these valuable products. It's a great way for people to build long-term wealth from the safety of their own homes.

Boston Bullion has an extensive selection of bullion coins, bars, rounds, and other collectible items available for purchase with IRAs. Customers have access to some of the most trusted brands in the industry including American Eagle Gold Coins, Canadian Maple Leaf Gold Coins, and Austrian Philharmonic Silver Coins.

The company also provides complimentary shipping on all orders over $99. They offer free insured delivery with tracking information so customers know when their order will arrive. Boston Bullion also offers secure storage services through partner vaulting companies located around the world. These vaults are fully insured by Lloyds of London to protect any investments made through them.

In addition to selling physical gold and silver, Boston Bullion also provides clients with other ways to invest in precious metals such as ETFs and mutual funds that track spot prices for each metal or commodity groupings like palladium or platinum. With multiple investment options available, it's easy for investors of all levels to find what works best for them.

Which Ira Elligible Coins And Bars Do They Sell

The previous section discussed whether Boston Bullion sells IRA-eligible precious metals. The next section looks at which coins and bars they offer that are eligible for an IRA account.

Boston Bullion offers a few different types of gold as well as silver, palladium, and platinum.

For example, their Gold Bar PAMP is 99.9% pure and Suisse Gold Bars also meet the requirements for an IRA qualifying product.

Other options include Perth Mint's gold products like their Silver Panda or Silver Rounds. In addition to silver rounds, there are Silver Maple Leaves and Silver Philharmonics available from Boston Bullion too.

Palladium is another metal that can be purchased through Boston Bullion in order to qualify for an IRA investment plan. They have 10oz Palladium Bar PAMP plus one ounce versions of the same bar available along with Palladium Maple Leafs in 1 oz sizes.

These all meet the eligibility criteria set by most IRAs so customers know they're getting a legitimate product when buying from Boston Bullion. No matter what metal you choose, you'll find competitive pricing at Boston Bullion – currently $15,955 per troy ounce on their website – combined with fast shipping times make it easy to add these precious items to your portfolio quickly!

Do They Have Minimum Investment Levels

The Boston Bullion Review is a great place for investors to learn more about investing in gold and silver. They offer lots of helpful advice, as well as information on the current market prices.

But do they have minimum investment levels?

Yes, the Boston Bullion Review does have some requirements for minimum investments. It's important to note that these vary depending on the type of metal you're interested in buying.

For example, if you want to buy coins or bullion bars then you'll need to invest at least $500. If you'd rather purchase numismatic coins then your initial investment will be around $2,000.

It's also worth noting that there are different types of accounts with varying fees and minimums. You should research each one carefully before deciding which account works best for you and your specific situation.

No matter what type of investor you are, it's always smart to take advantage of the resources available at Boston Bullion Review so that you can make informed decisions about investing in precious metals. With their help, anyone can become an expert investor!

What Are Their Costs And Fees In Relation To Gold Iras

When it comes to gold IRAs, there are many costs and fees that need to be considered. One of the most important is the cost of the metals themselves. This will usually depend on where you purchase them from. It's always best to choose a reliable company with competitive prices like

Another fee associated with gold IRAs is the setup fee charged by your trust and provider company. Many companies charge this when setting up an account but the amount can vary significantly so make sure you ask what they charge before signing anything.

Some providers also have annual fees or storage fees which should also be taken into account if you're thinking of investing in a gold IRA.

It pays off to do some research beforehand and compare different companies' rates and services so that you get the best deal possible for yourself and your investments.

What Rating Do They Get On Bbb Bca

Boston Bullion Review has a great reputation. Their A+ rating on the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and 5 stars out of 6 reviews show they are trustworthy and reliable. They don't have a BCA rating, but that doesn’t mean their services aren't as good.

When it comes to costs and fees in relation to gold IRAs, Boston Bullion is competitive in the market. They offer low flat rate commissions for buying and selling gold IRA investments with no hidden or additional charges. Customers feel safe knowing there's no surprise charges when making transactions with them.

Overall, customers can trust Boston Bullion when investing in gold-backed retirement accounts. When compared to competitors, they have some of the lowest rates while still providing quality service.

With their BBB ratings, customers know they're getting excellent customer service without any extra surprises down the line.

Truspilot And Trustlink And How Many Reviews Do They Have

Trustpilot and Trustlink are two popular review sites used to check the reputation of businesses. People can read reviews from other customers and make an informed decision about products or services they may be interested in buying.

Trustpilot has over one million companies listed, while Trustlink has close to 300,000. They both offer a variety of different ratings for companies, such as customer service, quality of product/service, delivery times and overall satisfaction with their purchase.

People often use these rating systems to compare different companies before making a final decision on who to do business with. Reviews also help potential buyers learn more about what others have experienced when dealing with that company so they can make sure it is right for them.

Companies will also benefit from having good reviews since this helps build trust and credibility among consumers. Both TrustPilot and TrustLink offer a wide range of resources for customers looking to research businesses before purchasing their goods or services.

These include reading past reviews, seeing how many people have rated the company positively or negatively, as well as getting detailed information about various aspects related to the company’s operations. This allows shoppers to get all the facts they need before committing to any purchase decisions.

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Working With Them

Boston Bullion is a reputable precious metals dealer that has earned good reviews from customers. Prices are updated daily according to the global market value, so you can be sure you're getting a fair deal. The owner of the business is honest and trustworthy, which makes it safe to do business there.

There are some drawbacks to Boston Bullion however. Most transactions happen in person at their storefront rather than online, so if you prefer not to go out shopping then this may not be ideal for you. You also need to call them to complete an order – they don't offer an online checkout service yet.

Overall, working with Boston Bullion can be great but it's important to consider your needs before committing. Be sure that their services match up with what you're looking for in terms of convenience and safety.

Do They Offer Any Offers Or Promotions

The pros and cons of working with Boston Bullion have been discussed. Now it's time to find out if there are any offers or promotions available from them.

Boston Bullion offer a range of deals and discounts for their customers, including free shipping on orders over $100 and exclusive sales on select products. They also host regular competitions and giveaways which allow people the chance to win precious metals coins, bars and rounds. To stay informed about the latest offers, customers can subscribe to their email newsletter or follow them on social media.

The company is committed to providing good value for money, so they regularly update prices in line with market trends and introduce new products that are competitively priced. Customers can take advantage of this by keeping an eye out for announcements regarding price changes or special offers. In addition, they may even be able to negotiate better rates when making large purchases.

No matter what kind of bullion you're after, Boston Bullion has something for everyone – whether it’s gold coins or silver bars. With excellent customer service and unbeatable prices, it's no wonder why many investors choose them as their go-to source for all things bullion related!


This Boston Bullion review has looked closely at the company's offerings, customer service and reputation. It is clear that they are a reliable choice for those looking to buy or sell gold bullion. They provide competitive prices and excellent customer service.

Their website makes it easy to find information about their products, as well as how to place orders. Plus, customers can also easily access their secure storage options.

The reviews of other customers who have used them in the past were all positive, reinforcing the opinion that this business provides a trustworthy experience when buying or selling gold bullion. Customers report fast shipping times and prompt responses from customer service representatives whenever an issue arises.

Overall, there is no doubt that Boston Bullion is one of the best choices out there when it comes to purchasing or selling gold bullion online. With competitive prices, great customer service, secure storage solutions and helpful resources on their website – anyone interested in investing in gold should consider giving this company a try!

Why Augusta Precious Metals Goldco Or American Hartford Gold Might Be A Better Choice For Opening A Gold Ira

Now that we've looked at the Boston Bullion Review, let's discuss why Augusta Precious Metals Goldco or American Hartford Gold might be a better choice for opening a gold IRA.

Both of these companies are well established and have been in business for many years. They offer competitive prices and an array of options when it comes to investing in precious metals. Plus, their customer service is outstanding.

Another advantage of these two companies is they provide helpful information on how to invest in gold IRAs. Their websites explain everything you need to know about setting up an account and making sure your funds are safe and secure. They also answer questions from customers quickly with knowledgeable staff members who can guide them through the process.

Finally, both Augusta Precious Metals, Goldco, and American Hartford Gold guarantee quick delivery of any products purchased so customers can get started right away without having to wait around for weeks or months before their order arrives. In addition, each company offers storage solutions as well as other valuable services such as asset portfolio management and tax advice that help make gold investments easier for everyone involved.


Boston Bullion is an established company with a solid reputation for providing quality products and services. They offer many options for investing in gold, including setting up a Gold IRA.

However, there are some pros and cons to working with them that should be considered before investing. Overall, Boston Bullion offers good customer service and competitive pricing on their products. Their expertise and knowledge can help investors make sound decisions when it comes to their investments.

However, they may not offer the most attractive terms or promotions compared to other companies like Augusta Precious Metals Goldco or American Hartford Gold. In conclusion, while Boston Bullion has its advantages, it's important to compare different investment options before choosing one.

Doing your research will ensure you get the best possible return on your investment. It's also wise to consult a financial advisor before making any major investment decision.