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Bullion By Post Review

The Bullion by Post Review reveal suggests that the company is an excellent choice if you are considering investing part of your pension pot in Gold IRA’s. This company is a trusted leader in Gold IRA investments, and has been for over a decade. They make the process of adding tax-free gold and other precious metals to an IRA quick and easy.

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Bullion by Post offers a range of gold and silver investments that are tailored to meet retirement goals. They also have competitive prices and provide excellent customer service. Furthermore, their website is easy to navigate and have knowledgeable staff who are willing to answer any questions.

Overall, Bullion by Post is a great option if you are looking to invest in Gold IRA’s. The company has a long track record of providing quality services at competitive prices, and their website makes it easy to understand the process and get started.

Background Information on Bullion by Post

BullionByPost is owned by Baird & Co, a family-run precious metal business. Investing in gold is considered to be a safe investment, as it is a tangible asset and its value does not fluctuate as much as other investments.

Bullion by Post is a trusted leader in Gold IRA investments, offering investors the opportunity to add tax-free precious metals to their IRA. The process is quick and easy to to set up a self-directed IRA.

Precious metals, such as gold, palladium, silver, and other valuable metals, have been used for centuries as a form of currency and investment asset. Investing in gold and silver can provide a secure, long-term approach to saving for retirement and provide investors with a hedge against inflation.

BullionbyPost provides resources to help investors learn how to start investing in metals and make informed decisions when investing in a precious metal IRA.

Jewellery Quarter Bullion Limited

The company is associated with Jewellery Quarter Bullion Limited who offer UK investors the opportunity to buy physical gold and silver and place it in secure storage or opt for fully insured discreet home delivery.

Where is Bullion by Post Located?

Bullion by Post are located in Birmingham city centre, close to The Jewellery Quarter, a vibrant area with a long history of jewellery making and craftsmanship.

Their premises are situated on Floor 16, Centre City Tower 7 Hill Street Birmingham B5 4UA. With Bullion by Post being located so close to the Jewellery Quarter, customers can rest assured that they are receiving only the highest quality products from one of the most trusted and reliable bullion dealers.

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Best Overall Precious Metal Provider


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Best Gold IRA Based On Price


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Most Reliable IRA Provider


How Does the Company Work?

Our Bullion By Post review describes the company as a bullion dealer based in Birmingham, United Kingdom. They supply customers with gold and silver through various postal delivery services.

The bullion market is open 23 hours a day, Monday to Friday, with the majority of trades taking place between members of the London Bullion Market.

Customers can purchase gold bullion coins and bars for investment purposes. BullionByPost offers delivery of these items within 5-7 working days. Customers are also provided with the option of collection, with the expectation to collect within 5 working days of the item being ready.

Gold Bullion by Post Reviews

John says, “Bullion By Post packaging is excellent. They always take extra care to make sure my gold arrives safely.”

Mary shares, “I have been dealing with Bullion By Post for years now and have always found them to be reliable and trustworthy.”

Simon comments, “I can't believe how quickly Bullion By Post got my silver to me! Highly recommended!”

BullionByPost Company Reviews

Bullionbypost is a trusted online retailer of precious metals, with a consumer rating of 4.81 stars from 50 reviews indicating that customers are generally satisfied with their purchases. Customers have praised Bullionbypost for their excellent service, clear info on their website, and the secure packaging of their products. Out of the 7 reviews collected, 4 customers have rated BullionByPost as good, demonstrating that they are a reliable and trustworthy company. Therefore, customers can be confident that Bullionbypost will provide them with a quality product and a satisfactory experience.

Quality of Customer Support : “Great Sellers and Friendly customer service- FREE..

Does Bullion by Post have the Ekomi Gold Seal?

Yes, Bullion by Post is proud to say that it has earned the Ekomi Gold Seal. The Ekomi Gold Seal is a testament to the company’s commitment to providing customers with the best possible service. Bullion by Post takes customer service seriously, and its commitment has been rewarded with the Ekomi Gold Seal.

What benefits does having the Ekomi Gold Seal provide?

Having the Ekomi Gold Seal provides customers with the assurance that Bullion by Post is committed to providing excellent customer service. The seal also serves as a sign of trust and reliability, as it shows that customers

Silver Bullion by Post

Their Silver by Post service provides customers with the convenience of ordering silver bars and coins through the post. Customers can choose from a variety of payment options, including debit and credit cards, as well as bank transfer. Through this reliable and secure service, Bullion By Post offers silver futures contracts – binding agreements to buy or sell silver at an agreed price on an agreed date. As the established market leading supplier, BullionByPost ensures customers can purchase silver with trust and confidence.

Products and Services Offered

Bullion By Post is the UK's leading online bullion dealer. With free insured delivery, they make it easy and affordable to buy gold and silver bars and coins. From gold bars to gold coins, they have a wide range of products to choose from, including gold bars in various sizes and the 1oz Gold Bullion Coin Turtle from the Royal Mint.

Gold and Silver Coins

Whether you're looking to invest in gold as a shield against inflation, or to simply add to your collection, Bullion By Post has something for everyone.

Their selection includes the Britannia 1oz gold coin, the Canadian Maple Leaf 1oz gold coin, the South African Krugerrand 1oz gold coin, the Austrian Philharmonic 1oz gold coin, and the Chinese Panda 1oz gold coin.

For those looking to purchase silver, Bullion By Post offers the Britannia 1oz silver coin, the Canadian Maple Leaf 1oz silver coin, and the Chinese Panda 1oz silver coin.

For those looking to sell or buy gold bullion, Bullion By Post offers a mail-in service that makes it easy to sell your gold quickly and safely.

Whether you're buying bullion or selling it, Bullion By Post has you covered. With low premiums, free insured delivery, and a wide selection of gold and silver coins and bars, they offer an easy and hassle-free way to buy and sell precious metals.

Does Bullion By Post Offer Precious Metals IRAs?

Bullion By Post does not offer Precious Metal IRAs. The regulations state tha an IRA cannot contain collectibles containing precious metals.

It is however permitted to include both gold coins or bullion bars / bullion products in this type of IRA.  The list of permitted metals includes silver, palladium, platinum examples of permitted coins include American Eagle, Canadian Maple Leaf , and bullion bars produced at approved refineries.

Th list of disallowed precious metal products include jewellery and numismatic coins, and impure gold and silver.

Payment Options

Being a bullion dealer it is not surprising that the company offers a variety of payment options to its customers. Payments can be made via all major credit and debit cards, PayPal, electronic checks, and international payments in more than 130 currencies.

Additionally, customers may also use prepaid debit cards and physical checks, either handwritten or printed, to make payments. The company also encourages customers to explore mobile payment options for small business. All payment methods are verified and secure, ensuring the safety of customer information.

Delivery and Storage

The Bullion by Post Review reveals that the company provides discreet and confidential storage options for physical precious metals investments. The company offers a storage service to customers immediately after purchases, allowing them to put their goods into storage without delay.

The storage service is fully allocated and does not require customers to take their bullion delivery at home. As bullion dealers, they provide storage for gold, silver, platinum and other bullion products. With all bullion orders customers can buy, sell, and store from one place, giving them the flexibility to manage their investments from a central source.


1. What Is Bullionbypost.Co.Uk?

Bullionbypost.co.uk is an online precious metals trading platform founded by Rob Halliday-Stein in 2009. They offer a range of gold, silver, and platinum products in a variety of sizes and forms, including coins, bullion bars, and rounds.

2. How Do I Place An Order?

Orders can be placed online at Bullionbypost.co.uk, by phone at 0121 634 8060, or via email at sales@bullionbypost.co.uk.

3. Looking To Buy Bullion -Is There A Minimum Bullion Order Size?

No, there is no minimum order size at Bullionbypost.co.uk.

4. How Much Is Shipping?

All orders from Bullionbypost.co.uk come with free, fully insured shipping included in the price.

5. What Payment Methods Do They Accept?

Bullionbypost.co.uk accepts payment for bullion in the form of debit cards, credit cards, bank transfer, and PayPal.

6. Is There A Way To Track My Bullion Order?

Yes, customers can track their orders on the Bullionbypost.co.uk website by entering their order number and details in the tracking tool provided.

7. What Is Your Returns Policy?

Bullionbypost.co.uk offers a 14-day returns

How does the Buy-back Program work?

BullionByPost offers a buy back program for gold and silver bullion purchased from their website.

Customers can take advantage of the 24-hour market to buy gold and silver bars and coins at low premiums.

The company guarantees that they will buy back any precious metal products they sell, or facilitate a sale of the metals on the customer's behalf.

BullionByPost also provides live wholesale prices for gold and silver, and customers can take ownership of their metal after paying the purchase price.

The buy back program is an attractive option for those looking to invest as it offers a secure way to manage their investments.

Is BBP Website Legit?

Bullion By Post is a legitimate bullion dealer offering a wide range of gold and silver products. The company has a well-developed website that is easy to navigate, featuring everything a customer needs.

They have a real physical address and real owners, and they offer reviews, both positive and negative.

They also pay for extra features, and they have replied to 68% of negative reviews. As such, customers can trust that Bullion By Post is a reliable dealer to purchase gold and silver from.

Are There Any Hidden Costs?

Bullion By Post offers its customers a straightforward, fast and secure service with no hidden costs. All payments are made directly into the customer's bank account, and all costs are clearly displayed on the Bullion By Post website.

Customers can contact their experts for advice on their investments and they will be informed of any additional costs that may be incurred.

Any additional costs that may arise are associated with the extra costs of manufacturing a specific gold product. This ensures customers are not taken advantage of and can make informed decisions about their investments

Countries Served by Bullion By Post?

The company serves customers in the UK, Europe, the Middle East, and across the globe. They offer gold and silver bars and coins and accept returns on all orders.


BullionByPost has full accreditation from the LBMA (London Bullion Market Association). They are based in the historic Jewellery Quarter in Birmingham and are recognised for the certification of their gold products.

BullionybyPost also works with SIPP and SSAS providers and have an array of approved bullion refineries across Europe and America that are accredited by the likes of the LBMA, COMEX, DMCC and more.

Customer Complaints Procedure:

BullionByPost takes customer feedback seriously and ensures that all customer complaints are addressed.

The company actively reviews customer feedback to help continually improve their service.

Trust Pilot

On Trust Pilot, BullionByPost has a 4.7 star rating from 571 customer reviews and complaints. On Sitejaberr.com, the company has a 4.7 star rating as well.

BullionByPost also replied to 68% of negative reviews to ensure customer satisfaction. The company provides customer support for queries related to existing orders, new orders or account related via email support@bullionbypost.co.uk, or by phone at 0121 634 8060.

What Is The Safest Way To Buy?

The safest way to pay BullionByPost is with a Bank Card up to the value of €20,000.

BullionByPost has partnered with SmartPay, one of Europe's leading payment providers, to offer customers a secure and straightforward method to diversify their investment portfolios by acquiring bullion at low margins.

Customers can take advantage of the convenience of paying online instantly with a card up to the value of $15,000. BullionByPost also provides post delivery services for those wishing to receive their bullion purchases.

In addition, customers can be assured of the security of their payments as BullionByPost offers the most secure payment alternatives.

Bullion By Post Vs Royal Mint

When it comes to buying bullion, investors have two main options: BullionbyPost and the Royal Mint. Each of these options offers its own distinct advantages and disadvantages.

BullionbyPost is a popular choice for those looking for a good range of coins. They stock coins from the largest global mints, such as Sovereigns and Britannias, which are some of their best sellers and are Capital Gains Tax-free. They also offer competitive prices, with discounts available for bulk purchases.

The Royal Mint

The Royal Mint is an excellent option if you are looking for a trusted source and authentic coins. As the official supplier of coins to the United Kingdom, they are able to offer competitive prices, as well as a range of numismatic and modern coins. Furthermore, they offer a range of investment products, such as gold and silver bars, which can be purchased in various weights.

Its Up to You?

Ultimately, it is up to the individual investor to decide which option best suits their needs. Both organisations offer a range of products and competitive prices, so it is important to consider the pros and cons when making a decision.

Conclusion : Should You Consider buying bullion from BullionbyPost?

BullionbyPost is an excellent option for investors in the United States looking to diversify their retirement savings with a gold IRA.


BullionbyPost offers competitive prices, an easy-to-use website, and a wide selection of precious metals to choose from.

The company also provides secure storage options, with fully insured storage vaults located in the US and UK. Furthermore, their customer service team is available to provide helpful guidance and advice, making it easy for investors to make the right decisions about their gold IRA investments.

With BullionbyPost, investors in the US can confidently invest part of their pension in gold IRA's and enjoy the security and stability that come with it.